Arafaat launches #ArtCanHelp for the cause of helping #COVID patients

Egyptian painter Arafaat to donate the proceeds of a 1-Million Dollars artwork painting to the Chest Diseases Hospital in Cairo Egypt to help handle the Corona virus cases

Carrying the responsibility is a National duty in those urgent circumstances in which the people of the beloved Egypt must join hands to overcome the current crisis of the Coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of about 8,000 people in the world since the beginning of the discovery of the virus, as per WHO latest report yesterday. 

The Egyptian painter Arafaat is currently presenting his distinguished works on his new own website and through various social media portals to highlight the depth of cultural diversity of the Egyptian people’s mainstream classes and the emotional interaction that Arafaat experienced with all the dark conditions that have passed through Egypt during the last ten years.

The Egyptian artist, Arafaat, highlights the most important stages of his artistic life, which was reflected on his paints through his resistance to religious rule and the destructors of Egyptian culture, "The terrorist Muslim-Brotherhood", and also through the resistance of terrorist sponsors in the beloved land of Sinai claiming religious ownership of Egypt.

Within the framework of that National responsibility of the conditions in Egypt in resisting the spread of the Corona virus, the Egyptian artist, painter Arafaat, has decided to donate the proceeds of selling his painting, called Covid-19 Solidarity, for 1-Million Dollars to the Chest Diseases hospital in Cairo Egypt to renew medical devices and various equipment that will provide the patient with a world class medical service keeping up with the latest scientific methods in diagnosing and treating chest diseases.

It is worth noting that the website of the Egyptian artist, Arafaat, keeps pace with the latest technologies in the acquisition and ownership of paintings through secure Bitcoin and other digital Cryptocurrencies, and also through PayPal payment in Arabic, English, Japanese, and soon Korean and Chinese.

URL for the 1-Million Dollars Artwork (COVID-19 Solidarity)




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