Arafaat launches #ArtCanHelp for the cause of helping #COVID patients

Egyptian painter Arafaat launched new official online Gallery with English, Japanese and Arabic languages with secure Blockchain technology for artwork authentication, ownership and payment

Going to art exhibitions is not a priority – or even a possibility – for most of the art world at the moment. But if you can’t, Arafaat is happy to bring them to you. This week sees the launch of the new official online gallery, something Arafaat has been working on for a long time and brought forward to fill the gap in the art timetable.

In an era when artworks are often sold by jpeg prior to a fair even opening, and when climate-change criticism is hitting the carbon footprint, online art shopping is looking very appealing indeed.

The new official online Gallery has been curated using the latest neuroscience user interface ergonomics and usability showcasing Arafaat portfolio of original, signed and authentic artwork since 1962 before joining the College of Arts in Egypt in 1972.

The new official online Gallery allows art collectors to enlist featured artwork in the Gallery as soon as the collection is liberated on the gallery. Embedded with zooming tools, art collectors can view the details of unique paint strokes of figurative abstract and impressionism.

Art collectors, viewers and enthusiasts from Japan, Arabia or countries speaking English can automatically browse the online Gallery with native languages including each compelling stories by Arafaat that motivated the brush to paint.

Arafaat keeps pace with the latest technologies in the acquisition and ownership of paintings through secure Verisart for verification, authentication and transfer of artworks. Verisart provides a state-of-the-art platform of Blockchain technology to ensure authenticity of the artwork and to provide full anonymity of the artwork owners keeping track of the records on Blockchain ledger.

Secure payments are fully supported on the new official online Gallery with PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum payment gateways from Coinbase, the leading Blockchain payments providers to prominent online services, with full users account customization and end-to-end orders placement and tracking.

Arafaat, 1952- establishes an elevated positioning that other Middle East artists can not match. Arafaat does not repeat the artwork twice because the motive of each painting is unique and aspiring from the deep roots of the Egyptian culture. Expressions are at its extreme whilst curating a paint or an installation to reflect a social status, a response to a status-quo, or an intimidation to a collective behaviour. Arafaat does not create multi-copies or commissioned artwork.



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