Arafaat launches #ArtCanHelp for the cause of helping #COVID patients

Owning Artwork


Authenticity is the core of original artwork. Magdy El-Banna "Arafaat" personally appreciates your visit to the online gallery showcasing his personal artwork originated from Egypt.

We advise the original artwork collector to buy all the artwork with the Certificate of Authenticity included. There is no mediator, or a broker or a gallery involved in the relationship with original artwork collectors; we deal directly together.

Certificate of Authenticity for the artwork is registered by the official notary office of Egypt and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Egypt. All artwork is signed by artist Magdy El-Banna "Arafaat" himself with Acrylic on Canvas.

The documents of Certificates of Authenticity will show within the page showcasing the artwork itself in addition to another image focusing on the personal signature of Magdy El-Banna "Arafaat".

Secure Payment Options

Arafaat From Egypt enables Artwork Collectors to establish secure transactions to own Arafaat Artwork through secure payments and bank transfer. Website allows payment through PayPal, CoinBase Crypto Currencies, major Credit Cards and bank transfer via your bank.

Shipment and Taxes

  • Shipping cost of all items is included in the pricing paid by Artwork Collector
  • First Class courier is utilized (e.g. DHL / FedEX / UPS / TNT)
  • All shipping documents are original
  • Export documentation, invoices and Certificate of Authenticity will be included with each shipment
  • Tracking codes of shipment will be emailed to Art Collector email address
  • All forms of Artwork are stretched on wooden frame for transportation and shipping
  • All Artwork pricing include taxes unless sold in Egypt or in UAE

Blockchain Protection & Verification

Arafaat Artwork is protected and verified by Verisart. 

Verisart applies blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.

Verisart is building evidentiary infrastructure for artworks and collectibles that is verifiable by anyone. Records are encrypted and timestamped by the world’s most-trusted decentralized ledger. Certificates are easy to manage and can be shared or transferred at any time.

Verisart is building a new global standard for art certification and verification.