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" Peter-Pan " Syndrome

" Peter-Pan " Syndrome

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To date, the World Health Organization has not classified the Peter Pan offer as a mental illness, but there are thousands of cases worldwide suffering from this psychological symptom. Peter Pan's proposal boils down to the emergence of an inability to take responsibility for a person towards himself and his surrounding community.

Many psychiatrists have interpreted this psychological offer because parents have a strong tendency to protect the child from new societal experiences and prevent him from experimenting with things that he had not been used to before or new activities with his friends he had not previously practiced.

In the midst of the severe daily life problems that we go through every day and surround us with financial or psychological problems, the person must get used to interacting, facing conditions and solving problems, especially since economic conditions have become very difficult and represent a psychological burden that is difficult to bear and keep up with.

Therefore, we advise parents to encourage children to develop the instinct for exploration, experience and reconnaissance in the permitted area as a safe limit for failure or success that the child may go through on a daily basis alone or with his peers or with his parents.

Arafat paints the favorite shoe color of Egyptian women, which is light red and short heels.

  • Size: 50 cms X 60 cms
  • Paint: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Authentication: By Egyptian Ministry of Justice
  • Signature: By (Magdy El-Banna) "Arafaat"
  • Packaging: Ships stretched on wooden frame
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Shipping:  Free shipping is included worldwide
  • Export Tax: Included in pricing
  • VAT: Included in pricing unless sold in Egypt
  • Created: 2019
  • Artist: Magdy El-Banna "Arafaat" 1953 - 
  • Provenance: Private collection of Magdy El-Banna "Arafaat"



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